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SWB Motorsport are pleased to be into our 3rd year running SWB Motorsport Experience Days.

We are offering many different things to whet the appetite of the petrol-head and speed-freak in 2016:

New cars AND our new Military vehicle driving experiences over at Challenger!

Our first experience days were in October 2014 and we are based (now with bricks and mortar in building 111) at Bicester Heritage – near Oxford (the former RAF Bicester site).

For 2016, we are also offering military based experiences driving all manner of vehicles, check out www.challenger1.com for more information!

Our new fleet of Formula Ford Turbo cars are now in operation, 1.6 Litre turbocharged engines, 6 speed sequential gearbox, wings and slicks with similar performance to the Formula Renault, even if just a little faster! We also still have Formula Renault too, along with our Typhoon 2-Seater which keeps getting quicker and quicker, we tweak it on a regular basis to make it as fast as we can get it – it’s what we do for a day job after all! After her recent appearances at the CarFest festivals both North and South, the Typhoon is becoming somewhat of a celebrity!

We offer the following packages:

Formula Renault 2 litre – £199 for 12 laps, longer runs available

Formula Ford Turbo – £199 for 12 laps, longer runs available

2-Seater Formula Ford EcoBoost Turbo – From £89


Formula Ford Turbo / Formula Renault driving experience – Bronze – £199

Sign-on, briefing on driving techniques, safety equipment selection, seat-fitting and familiarisation/driving tuition, 12 laps completely on your own in the car to see just how well this amazing, current race car goes. A season costs tens of thousands of pounds but for a lot less, you can still have the experience and feel of driving a 190+BHP car that does 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds and reaches 100mph in under 5! You can add extras such as onboard camera footage of your drive and photos etc on the day – see below.

Formula Ford Turbo / Formula Renault Driving Experience – Silver – £299

As above but with 24 laps in total!

Formula Ford Turbo / Formula Renault Driving Experience – Gold – £339

As Silver but with our package of visual optional extras worth £65 thrown in to make your day even more memorable with our onboard camera footage, picture beside the car and insurance excess waiver all included!


Typhoon-Turbo 2 Seater Passenger Thrill ride – £89

Our Typhoon-Turbo is the only one in the world, we built it to do all the things that a thrill seeker wants and more! With a 200+BHP, Turbocharged 1.6L engine just like the modern F1 cars, it really does throw you back in the seat when our ex Euroboss F1 driver puts her foot down. With big, slick tyres and huge brakes, the car goes and stops like a jet-fighter! For those petrol headed aficionados amongst us who like figures, it’ll do 60 in less than 3 seconds, 100 in just under 6 and 0-100-0 again in around 12 seconds!


Extras available on the day-

Insurance Excess Reducer – £25

(reduces your damage liability from £5,000 to £1,000 for full peace of mind)

5 More Laps Track-Time – £50

(Add another 5 laps to your original package to get a real feel for the heat of the cockpit)

Onboard camera footage – £25

(F1 style camera above your head throughout your drive on track)

Action Photos – £15

(Photos of you out on track in your race suit and helmet just like the F1-driver you always wanted to be!)



Please book with us online on our automated site, here on swbmotorsport.co.uk. Click on the booking tab at the top of this page (^) and fill in ALL the details, it is imperative that we have all your contact details correctly – not for marketing but to be able to contact you about the day if necessary. All communications are sent via email so please check this part and check your spam filter for your confirmation as its has an attachment with all the details of your day and the venue etc. The weather does sometimes stop us running or technical issues can throw a spanner in the works so we need to be able to let you know if there’s an issue to stop you having a wasted journey!

If you are booking a voucher for two people, please MAKE 2 SEPARATE BOOKINGS, if you only make 1, we only have time and space for one person to have a go! It will be unlikely that the second person will be allowed to drive, our days are very busy and like most things in motorsport, are timed to the second!

If a date is available but all the times are greyed out, this means that day is FULL, please check onto the next date to book your slot with a black and white time slot that is selectable. There is a £49 re-booking charge if a date is changed within 14 days of the event, no exceptions. Any re-bookings prior to this are charged at £25.


You must be 18 or over, have had a full UK car driving license for over 12 months (For driving, 2 seater isn’t necessary, just a minimum age of 12), between 4ft8″ and 6ft4″. Your voucher must be valid on the day of the experience. Some vouchers can be extended for a fee, please contact us prior to your voucher’s expiry. The cars are genuine race cars and are quite a tight fit so if you are concerned about your fitting into the vehicle, please call us and we can try to assist, you’re welcome to visit the workshop if you’re unsure. A £5,000 damage excess is present on all cars on all days, this can be reduced to £1,000 for the fee above and must be purchased before driving, at sign-on (ALL drivers are required to give us a credit card to cover the excess before getting in the car, please do not book an experience if this doesn’t suit you). We have all relevant insurances and liabilities, copies of which are available on request for your peace of mind. Those with any medical condition that you think may affect your driving must let us know beforehand, if undisclosed and a problem becomes apparent, we reserve the right to stop the experience and will not offer a refund. If driving standards are not within an acceptable standard, we reserve the right to end the experience immediately and will offer no refund on either the experience or any extras purchased. Due to operational timings and damage to the cars done by running backwards, spins are taken very seriously and your continued driving is at the discretion of the track staff, their decisions are final. We want everyone to enjoy their day and will do our utmost to make sure this happens but we must also look after our expensive cars, priceless staff, not to mention our customers!